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Please fill out the following Student Questionnaire. This will give me a better understanding of your current guitar skills and how I can help you improve. There are very few, if any, teachers who will take the time to do this.  Most just "wing it."  This approach wastes both your time and money, as the teacher inevitably spends your first few lessons trying to determine your needs and goals.

I want to know exactly what you want so we can start making progress at your first lesson.

After reviewing your responses, I'll get back to you so we can discuss your options and schedule a day and time for an introductory lesson.




Our first objective is to get you playing as quickly as possible. To do this I will teach you songs you are familiar with, arranged simply for beginners. Using this method, you learn the technique as you play the songs you like. As you begin to play better, the songs become more challenging. Before you know it, you're no longer a beginner.

Yes, some people learn faster than others. But in your lesson, I will teach you at the right speed for you. Every single student designs their own program with my assistance. You choose the songs, I'll do the rest.  


Most of my advanced students wish to study specific styles in great detail. Tell me what you want and I'll show you exactly what you need to know. Some students wish to examine one particular artist learning as much of their style as they can.  Other students want to learn all they can about playing lead guitar. I'll give you as much neck knowledge as you can absorb!  

Anything you want to play-I can show you how to play it.

Lessons are available 12 months a year at my studio in East Meadow(see map), or in your home depending on location.  

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“I’ve learned so much from Marc in such a short time!”

-Jordan Wolbrum, 33

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