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The Student Jam is a chance for my students to strut their stuff!

It's one part open mic, one part rock concert, and for me one of the biggest thrills of teaching guitar.

The Jam is held 3 times a year, and is open to students of all ages and abilities who show the commitment it takes to get on stage.  

Check out my students in action!

“...Thanks again for having the student jam today.  It was both fun and interesting (and of course a bit nerve racking)...

I would venture to guess that not many guitar teachers would put in the time and effort to have such an event.  I definitely appreciate it, and hope that your other students do as well...”

- Mike

“...I was so relieved that I had gotten through the entire song without stopping even after several mistakes (one of my biggest fears) but when I actually got some compliments and praises from people I didn’t know, I was actually feeling a little proud of myself...I’ve been on such a high from the Student Jam and it hasn’t worn off yet...”

- Jenn

“...Marc, the jam was awesome...so great to see Dan and all your students get an opportunity to perform.  Thank you. (Dan thought it was pretty awesome too)...”

-Valerie(Dan’s mom)

“Thanks Marc for organizing the jam session this past Saturday-it was a lot of fun and great entertainment by all!”

- Cecelia(Noreen’s mom)

“I wanted to first thank you for having the Jam on Saturday. It was good to get my first performance out of the way.  Even though I made some mistakes I'm still glad I got through the entire song!! Anyways, I can't wait for my next lesson!”

- Steven

Thanks Marc...truly amazing, inspiring, and fun.

- Jaqueline

Marc, thank you so much for all of your hard work to put the Student Jam together and for all of your wonderful instruction leading up to it! I was so nervous, but I had a fantastic time. Looking forward to the next one. (Also, I was so impressed with all of my fellow students - just awesome performances.)

- Jessica

“Can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate you organizing this, your talent not only as a teacher but as a musician. 

Simply awesome....Dan's Dad sent us a Youtube video of Mark and of course we had to share it all over.. best comment so far:

"Move over Slash, step aside Stevie Ray, this boy is a rockin, you go Mark!"....thanks Marc--you're the one who ROCKS!”

- Jackie Hansen(Mark’s mom)

"Marc, such a fantastic time at the Jam today.  The few minutes Jacob was onstage blew his confidence out of the water.  Thank you!"

- Lisa Rosenkrantz(Jacob's mom)

Let's get started!