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What Students Say About Lot More Guitar Studio.....

“Marc is an absolutely fantastic teacher!  

I began playing the guitar with Marc at the age of 16 and was able

to be accepted into a competitive college level music school for music

education with only two years of study.  Studying guitar with Marc opened

the doors for me to being a performer for Musical Theater Pits, Jazz Guitar

Performance, Solo and Ensemble Classical Guitar Performance, Liturgical

Music, Traditional and Contemporary Irish Pub Music, and Choral Conducting.”

- Brian Caltabiano

“With both my children taking music lessons, I decided a few years ago, at the youthful age of 45, to take up the guitar.  Over the first few months I tried two different teachers but was uninspired and frustrated.   A local music shop recommended Marc Viola.   With Marc, I progressed quickly.  He taught me what I wanted to learn but slowly kept improving my skills keeping my interest high.  Marc's technical skills are superb.  No matter how difficult the song, he is always able to break it down in a way that makes it easy for me to learn.  After two years, I still look forward to every lesson.” 


- Ross Nodell

“Hey Marc. Thank you for the amazing work you're doing with Brina! She LOVES learning guitar. She has been writing her own songs and playing them for us all the time. We are so proud of her! We couldn't be happier to have found such a talented, patient & attentive teacher! You're the best!”

- Heather Dees(Sabrina’s mom)

“At any rate, Marc, I really wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your infinite patience, your sincere words of encouragement and your graciousness .  Not only are you a phenomenally talented musician but a master teacher and I am extremely lucky and blessed to be your student.”

- Jenn Rankine

“I started studying with Marc when I was fifteen, and after three years of study, I can accurately say he is one of the best music teachers out there, and any student would be more than lucky to study under him.  From my first lesson with him, I knew he would be the right teacher for me.  Marc demonstrates every quality a good music teacher can have.  He is very smart, patient, friendly, and very passionate about what he does.  When I studied with him, he helped me develop all kinds of styles, from jazz, to blues, to rock and roll.  He is very knowledgable in all styles, so needless to say he is very talented.  He blows me away each time I hear him play!  But Marc also helped me get out of my shell a bit.  He hosts "student jams" a few times a year, in which each of students, in ages ranging from children to adults, performs in front of the other students.  These student jams end up being some of my favorite days of the year, and I think many other students can say the same.  So, whether you've never picked up a guitar, or you have years of experience, Marc is definitely the guy you should call.”

- Andrew Hochler

“I have had a lot of guitar teachers over the years and none of them compare to Marc Viola.  Marc is a great teacher as well as a great guitar player.  What I like about his lessons is that Marc is open to teaching his students what they would like to learn.  His lessons are always fun and you even have the opportunity to go online and download your lessons, which is a great bonus.  I know that Marc gets enjoyment from his students getting better at the guitar and his commitment and effort to reach this goal come through in every lesson.”    

 - Ross Kegler

“I not only wanted to learn guitar to be able to play cover songs, but I also wanted to start writing my own songs.  Marc’s unique teaching style enabled me to learn my favorite country songs, and assist me in my songwriting problems.  I love how I can bring my original songs to Marc, and together we can attack the weak spots.  In addition, I look forward to the student jams because I have the chance to perform in front of a large crowd.  I have grown so much in my guitar playing, songwriting, and performance due to Lot More Guitar Studio.  I recommend Marc to anyone looking to enhance their musical abilities or to start learning the guitar.”

- Noreen Prunier

“Talented, encouraging & and a great can-do spirit. When it comes to teaching music, Marc and Lot More Guitar are ace!”

- Mark Hansen

“I’ve learned so much from Marc in such a short time!  After years of spinning my wheels I’m now playing songs and solos that I thought would always be out of my reach.  Thanks Marc, for the great lessons and continued inspiration.”

- Jordan Wolbrum

“Marc knows how to tailor his lessons to exactly what his students want to learn. It's cool that he performs all over Long Island and NYC, so we can even go check out his performances.”

- Laura Carroll

“Now that I’m taking lessons with Marc, I'm really excited to play every chance I get. Thanks for helping inspire me to pick up my guitar again.”

- Kyle Famiglietti

“I only met with Marc a few times, but he definitely taught me a lot. He took a genuine interest in me and was excited about what I wanted to learn. I look forward to more lessons with him.”

- Joe Spedale

“I am surprised I can do this with barely two weeks learning how to do it!  Sky is the limit now and I thank you for the time you spend helping me become a better guitar player....”

- Allen Raia

“I have taken many a music lesson and honestly never enjoyed any as much as I have enjoyed these last few.”

- Jessica Oliveri

“Marc thank you once again. You are an excellent teacher and Sabrina had a blast and so did we. She has improved immensely with your guidance in guitar and vocals.”

- David Delaney

Marc, thank you so much for all of your hard work to put the Student Jam together and for all of your wonderful instruction leading up to it! I was so nervous, but I had a fantastic time. Looking forward to the next one. (Also, I was so impressed with all of my fellow students - just awesome performances.)

- Jessica Berry

“Can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate you organizing the Jam, your talent not only as a teacher but as a musician. 

Simply awesome....Dan's Dad sent us a Youtube video of Mark and of course we had to share it all over.. best comment so far:

"Move over Slash, step aside Stevie Ray, this boy is a rockin, you go Mark!"....thanks Marc--you're the one who ROCKS!”

- Jackie Hansen(Mark’s mom)

“Thanks for everything you do with Anthony, it means so much to me”

- Eric Villani(Anthony’s dad)

"Marc, the guitar is a whole new world for me right now. I can’t believe I never applied what you’ve shown me to my playing. I’m really using the whole neck now and exploring all kinds of possibilities with my soloing. Chord progressions make more sense as well.

I’ll be back for more!!!"

- Steve Olivier

"Marc, Sofia's confidence is sky high!  She said she's never quitting the guitar and she had so much fun!  Thank you so much.  You're an awesome teacher!"

- Maria Tshalis(Sofia's mom)

"Marc, such a fantastic time at the Jam today.  The few minutes Jacob was onstage blew his confidence out of the water.  Thank you!"

- Lisa Rosenkrantz(Jacob's mom)

"Marc has been teaching my 13 year old daughter acoustic guitar for over 3 years now. She has musically grown and learned so much in that time. Marc is an amazing teacher and musician. We couldn't be happier or more satisfied. He is extremely patient, dedicated and very accommodating. My daughter wants to be a singer/songwriter one day, and with Marc as her mentor, I know she will go far."

- Heather Dees(Sabrina's mom)

"My daughter is 10 she started with Marc over the summer .... He is such a patient talented teacher .... She loves going!! We Highly recommend him."

Deana Larkin(Mackenzie's mom)

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