Lot More Guitar Studio - Guitar Lessons in Long Island, New York

Welcome to the Lot More Guitar Studio!


• Have you always wanted to play guitar but aren’t sure where to start?

• Have you been playing on your own for a while, and feel frustrated by your lack of progress?

• Do you already have a teacher, but hardly ever pick up the guitar between lessons?

• Are you an advanced player looking to take your musicianship to the next level?

• Do you wish those YouTube guitar videos were specifically addressed to you?

• Are you an adult beginner who is afraid the ship has passed you by?

• Are you a parent looking for the best guitar lessons for your child?

• Are you a songwriter who wants a better understanding of how music works, and how to immediately apply this knowledge to your writing?

If this is you, I know I can help.  My name is Marc Viola, and for the past ten years I have taught students of all ages to play guitar.  I am confident that I can show you how to PLAY GUITAR THE WAY YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED.

I do not teach method based,  cookie cutter  guitar lessons.  Your curriculum is specifically tailored to your musical tastes, with the emphasis on developing guitar technique through learning songs, pieces and solos that fit your interests and goals.  

Practicing is more enjoyable and rewarding while working on exciting and inspiring music instead of dry exercises

Learn to:

• Play a variety of Popular Songs, as well as your own

• Jam the Blues in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy and other masters

• Play all styles of Rock guitar, from Hendrix to Satriani and beyond

• Play beautiful chord melodies and hot Jazz solos like Joe Pass and Wes Montgomery

• Play pick and fingerstyle Acoustic guitar

• Perform and connect with your audience

• Get the sounds you want out of your guitar and equipment

• Have lots of FUN while transforming your life through music

Ready to learn more?

Let's get started!

“I began playing the guitar with Marc at the age of 16, and was accepted into a competitive music school with only two years of study!”

-Brian Caltabiano, 21

“After two years, I still look forward to every lesson.”

-Ross Nodell, 47

“Marc knows how to tailor his lessons to exactly what his students want to learn.”

-Laura C., 18

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